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Fav too much - Stamp by Tadadada
I even faved the stamp



An Attempt at Painting by BlueBead
An Attempt at Painting
[On Tumblr]

Guess who had no idea what they're doing. At least it was kind of fun.

Tillip originally looked much more menacing, but at some point during painting, all intensity in her expression went out the window. Also, I swear, she looks more manly each time I draw her. I'm ok with that.

Tillip Middel and artwork belongs to BlueBead
Fern Winter Wallpaper by BlueBead
Fern Winter Wallpaper
[On Tumblr]

I made myself a snowy Fern to use as wallpaper. The background it almost painfully simple, but it's there I guess? I honestly might fix those clouds at some point.
I still hate making backgrounds.

Fern and Artwork belong to BlueBead
Heather Mason by BlueBead
Heather Mason
[On Tumblr]

Finished this in time for Halloween! Wish I could have done more with it, like put in a background, but I ran out of time.

Heather Mason is my favorite horror game protagonist. She's from Silent Hill 3.

Heather Mason belongs to Konami
Artwork belongs to BlueBead (Kelly Schmitz)
Linnet Reference (2014) by BlueBead
Linnet Reference (2014)
[On Tumblr]
Download for full size

Finally made an updated reference of my character Linnet! The last time I made an official reference of her was back in April of 2012. .:Linnet Reference Sheet:. Look at all the improvements since then!

I tweaked her design a bit too. Her hair style changed slightly, but the biggest change is her face and eyes. She now has eyebrows, dark colored marks around her eyes, and the lines under her eyes don't continue all the way down her face. For her eyes, the shape is a bit closer to being round instead of oval, and she barely has pupils. Kind of a tough choice to give her pupils since being pupil-less has been a trait of hers since the very beginning, but having pupils just makes it clearer where she's looking and helps with her expressiveness.

There's a version where she's in her underwear on my Tumblr to better see her anatomy and some markings on her body. Just follow the link at the top of the description.

Linnet and artwork belong to BlueBead (Kelly Schmitz)
More Changes to Elliott by BlueBead
More Changes to Elliott
[On Tumblr]

I FINISHED IT. Started this drawing a week and three days ago. Bleh. Part of that was lack of motivation, part of that was with the size and shading style of this drawing, it just took a really long time.

Anyways, I've done design modifications to my character Elliott again. As I was mentioning to a friend before, Elliott and his weird bat-person design is strange. Most of the time when I draw and post art, my average opinion of it is: This is suitable to show people my current talent. It's the same with drawing Elliott, only the drawing of him "age" way faster. What I mean by "age" is the time it takes for me to look back on a drawing and think, "What is this garbage?" I guess since I had no prior experience with drawing strange arm-wings and feet-hands that my skill curve on pictures of Elliott is much steeper. Regardless, I wonder how long it'll take me to look at this picture and go "Ew..."? For now though, I like this a lot better than even his last drawing which was nearly 4 months ago. See here: Elliott Reference
Now he looks like he fits his age (16) better, and obvious anatomy improvements. Also, he's actually got some muscle definition now. Need some muscles if you're going to fly and leap around like a little acrobat. Kind of derped up on the shading on said muscles, but I DON'T CARE I WANT THIS DRAWING TO BE DONE. Got commissions coming up soon that I need to work on anyways.

Now for just a little bit on Elliott's character that changed. It was something I contemplated making canon about him for a long time, but was like, "Should I mention it? Is it taboo?" However, now that I'm more openly supportive of the idea of gender queers and ttranssexuals.. Elliott was actually born a female with the name Elinor, but at a fairly young age he felt he fit somewhere more on the masculine side of the spectrum. So he uses male pronouns even though he doesn't completely associate with the male gender. He's not sure where he lies on the spectrum yet. Thankfully for him, he's naturally flat-chested as hell and has fluff to cover it up.


Lastly, really like how the hair came out. :v

Elliott Talo and artwork belong to BlueBead
  • Mood: Gloomy
Words: 451
Trigger Warnings: Talk of illness, animal death mention

    This is sort of a follow-up to my last long-winded and depressing journal.

    My dog Dakota went back to the vet this morning because his fever was still too high. The vets decided to sort of start from square one and do some more tests, since it was looking more and more like it isn’t Bartonella. Firstly, his red blood cell count is still going down. Secondly, he got a test where they extract some fluid from his joints to look for… something, I’m not sure… but it can point to possible auto-immune trouble. The test came back positive. So it’s looking likely that this is auto-immune problems now. It could be something wrong with his bone marrow since he doesn’t have many red blood cells, but we’re not sure. However, at least we got a positive test result and can actually start pursuing actual treatment. As a side note, his lymph nodes are completely back to normal now, so that’s great. He’s still looking pretty miserable, but finally some tangible progress…

    My hedgehog Hiccup is still doing great. He’s back to his old self. Just last night I let him play in my hair, and he decided to take a nap there. We just snuggled like that for 20 minutes. I’m so happy he’s doing better. Still don’t know for sure what was wrong, but I still think it was a flare-up of arthritis. He possibly got a little too heavy (he weighed around 560 grams before he started feeling bad, which is on the bigger side for a hedgehog), but after he stopped eating for a while because of the pain and lack of activity, his weight’s now at 450g. So now I’m going to really try to monitor his weight. Ideally, I’d like it to stay under 500g.

    As for me, I’m still having trouble coping with the loss of Snickers, but I’m doing considerably better. I’m still physically doing pretty badly though. My ear is still giving me issues with congestion and balance, I think I have one of my not-migraine-migraines (I don’t get the headache, but I get every other migraine-like symptom. Malaise, fatigue, aches, etc.), I’m still worried about my blood sugar, my TMJ’s flared up bad from my nervous chewing habit, I have trouble focusing, my sleep schedule’s all screwed up… I feel pretty awful. I’m hanging in there, at least.

    I just really hope Dakota can be treated. My family and I really don’t want to have to make the call to euthanize him if he’ll never get better… He’s definitely not enjoying life at the moment, so if this is untreatable… Yeah… I just really hope it won’t come down to that.


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